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Information on Skibiking or Skibobbing

What is a Ski Bike or Skibobbing?

A Skibob of a steerable frame fitted with a saddle, suspension system, handlebars and a pair of in-line skis.

Skibobs are not a new phenomenon, they have been around for many years, although today they are often called Ski Bikes or Snow Bikes. Many people credit a Mr. J. Stevens, and American, for the invention of the Skibob, as in 1892, he obtained a patent for an "Ice Velocopide" - a Bicycle with skis fitted in place of the wheels. However, this was only a patent, and did not result in the starting of a new sport.

The true origins of modern Skibobbing were in the late 1940's, when a German Engineer, Georg. Gfäller invented and obtained a patent for a "single track steerable sledge", and an Austrian Engineer, Engelbert Brenter invented and obtained a patent for a "Sit Ski". When both designs were combined, the result was a Skibob. During the 1950's and 1960's, the sport grew in popularity, and the Skibob became a common method of winter transport for those living in the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

Safety on the piste

The rider sits astride the skibob, just like a bike, but the seating position is much closer to the ground, and rather than pedals, the rider wears a short pair of foot skis to assist with their balance.

Skibobs come in various shapes and sizes, and have evolved significantly since their invention in the late 1940's.

"Ski-Bike" is the modern name for what started life as a Skibob. The terms Skibob and Ski-Bike are interchangeable, and both are in common use.

The term "Ski-Bike" is also in use as a modern day description of the original Skibob, although in less frequent use.

A Skibob rider wears normal ski wear, although more water resistent clothing is recommended as the rider is closer to the ground than a typical skier and is more likely to pick up snow.


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