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Cross Country Skiing Information

What is cross country skiing?

Cross country skiing is the purest form of skiing, the roots of skiing if you like. When skiing was invented, it was as a mode of transport in the snow, a way of getting from a to b, this is essentially what crosscountry skiing is. But its more than that, its a way of seeing areas of the mountain that you won't find on normal pistes, gets you seeing more of the nature up in the mountains.

Cross Country Skiing (aka Nordic Skiing or XC Skiing) is, in the opinion of many exercise physiologists and researchers, the world's best aerobic fitness activity. The sport involves simultaneous use of arms and legs utilizing ski equipment including boots, poles, and skis.

Why crosscountry skiing?

Cross country skiing is widely recognized as one of the healthiest activities you can do. The motion of cross country skiing is non-jarring and easy on the joints. Because crosscountry skiing uses every major muscle group, it tones the whole body and is an excellent way to burn fat and work the cardiovascular system.

Why exercise inside on a machine that tries to emulate skiing when you can be outside doing the real thing? For those who see snow as a curse, cross-country skiing can help you see that it is a blessing. Exercising may be a chore, but cross-country skiing is an adventure.

How do cross-country skis work?

Classical skis or cross country skis have two distinct base sections:The tip and tail portion of the base are called the glide zones. The glide zones are completely smooth. The central portion of the ski is called the kick zone. The kick zone may have what is called a crown pattern, or fish scales milled into the base.

As the skier steps forward, all their weight is on the kick zone and the crown pattern is pressed into the snow. This is how classical skiers propel themselves forward. As the skier glides, the crown pattern doesn't touch the snow because the skier's weight is spread over the smooth glide zones.

What will you need to take with you?

As you probably guessed its pretty cold up there in the mountains, so lots of warm clothing is essential, and remember that its lots of layers, not a huge jacket that keeps you warm. Gloves are a must, and at all times when you skiing, not just for warmth, but from protection from the shape edges of your skis or other people skis.


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