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Information on Heli Skiing

What is Heli Skiing?

Heli-skiing is much the same as normal skiing, but instead of using the lifts to get to the top of the mountains, you use a helicopter, but your not going to be skiing on an marked pisted runs. You will have a few thousand feet vertical drop runs, of unmarked, untracked fresh snow.

Heli skiing is probably the pinnacle of the skiing sport - pushing the limits of extreme. Heli skiing is becoming more and more access able to the public, with many companies running operations in resorts through the winter period. but there are the obvious dangers with this sport, some that you can pay with your life, other with your wallet.

Heli skiing is by no means cheap, and the conditions might not suit the time that you want to go, due to lack of snow, or avalanche risk. Companies have to make sure that the conditions are perfect or you will not fly.

Tips for Heli Skiing

Make sure you know your limits, you will have to be a competent skier to be able to partake in this sport.

Basic avalanche awareness skills are a must, as the dangers of an avalanche are always high when heli skiing - so an avalanche receiver is a must as well as a shovel and a probe - these items may be supplied by the company you are skiing with, but make sure in advance.

Book with a reputable company to avoid disappointment, the best place to ask is at the tourist office in resort, or browse the internet before you go.

Must haves for you trip to the top - Map, Sunglasses , Compass , First Aid Kit , Pocket Knife, Extra Food, Waterproof Matches, Flashlight , Extra Clothes and a Shovel.


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