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Information about Windsurfing

Windsurfing is the most amazing of sports. It combines the thrills of surfing, the tranquility of sailing, and puts you in touch with nature better than a good hike. It is a sport that you can go off by yourself for some amazing peace of mind, or sail with a crowd of 200 other windsurfers for unbeatable comradery. No sport other than windsurfing can give the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open, gliding effortlessly over beautiful, clear waters.

Some people say windsurfing is hard to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The only time windsurfing is difficult to learn is when people try to learn on the wrong equipment in the wrong conditions. With the right equipment, most people are comfortably sailing around after a two-hour lesson.

Windsurfing is one of those sports that looks so effortless that everyone wants to hop on a board and give it a try. Although it is very easy, it is extremely helpful to spend your first few hours with a qualified instructor, on equipment especially designed for beginners.

Safety First - Before you get going know these simple safey rules of thumb.

Always stay with your board. In the rare event that the board and rig get separated, stay with the board. The board offers flotation as well as a stable paddling platform if you need to get yourself back to shore.

Prepare for the conditions. This means wearing a wetsuit, drysuit or sunscreen if necessary. Also, if the bottom conditions warrant it, a pair of booties is a good call.

Know your sailing site. This means familiarizing yourself with the boat traffic patterns and weather conditions your are likely to encounter while on the water.

Learn the International Distress Signal. If you are in serious need of help, sit on your board and keep raising and lowering your arms above your head and down to your sides. This signal is recognized worldwide as the sign for help when you are on the water.

Windsurfing equipment has gone through incredible changes just in the past decade. It is now much lighter, easier to use, more reliable, and for the advanced sailor, faster, and more fun. People who tried windsurfing long ago and found it difficult will notice just how much easier the sport now is with the new equipment.

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