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Information on Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is the most extreme (dangerous) sport you can do on the water. To plane on a surf board, or even take-off, you need to have a lot of kite power in your hands. In fact, so much power, that you are dangerously overpowered on the shore where you have to launch and land. This is the thrill and excitement of Kite Surfing.

With Kite surfing you are harnessing the natural power of the wind into a large kite which is trying to pull you downwind. Where you position (steer) the kite is roughly the direction you will get dragged if the kite's power exceeds the backward pressure you can exert.

Strength and above all technique will enable you to control the power generated by the kite to allow you to steer the board with your feet in the desired direction. It's a bit like combing your hair and rubbing your tummy at the same time. Impossible to start, then something clicks into place and then practice makes perfect.

You will need to fly a large power kite (5 square metres plus) very well. In fact so well that you can fly it almost with your eyes closed. This will take days to master not hours.You will need to know how to swim and how to survive in the water with equipment.You will need to master being body dragged through the water whilst flying your kite.

Finally, you will need to master standing on a kite surf board holding onto a large power kite, just to get started. Then turns, gybes, jumps, launches etc. will follow if you want.

Do not believe that you can master all this within a day. Typically it takes at least 3 days just learning to get up on the board once you have master the kite flying and body dragging which will take most people new to it atleast another 3 to 5 days.


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