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Passport Information

The cost

How much is it going to cost to get a passport?

First passport (adult) £30:00
First passport (child) £16:00
Adult renewal £30:00
Child renewal £16:00
Changes to a valid passport £18:00
Extension of a child's passport Free
48-page passport £40:00

If you are traveling in over 2 weeks

You do not need to visit a passport office, all you have to do is go to your local agent which is normally the post office and they will take you through the process for applying and charges associated with applying.

If you are travelling within 2 weeks

You need to visit one of the passport offices around the country to get your passport sorted. You can make an appointment on 0870 521 0410. This service is more expensive at £75 (child £61) for the same day service and £30 (child £16) for the one week service.

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