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Interested in a mountainbiking activities holiday? Is mountain biking one of you favourite past times or hobbies, then why not get out of the UK for a mountain biking holiday that will test your skill and ability.

Since the UK has such good mountain biking areas - Scotland, The Lake District, Snowdonia and so on, you might think that its mad going abroad to mountain bike, but this could be the outdoor holiday that your looking for.

With most of Europe's ski resorts opening up for mountain bikers in the summer, lots of specialist holiday companies have set up around the sport, mainly enthusiasts providing excellent service, giving you the experience of your life. If you think the UK has great places to ride, you will think that you have died and gone to heaven when riding in Europe or the USA

What you will Need

Most companies will be full equipped with up to date mountain bikes but will be fully prepared for you to take your one if you want to. Some companies equipment could be superior to yours, so check before you go.

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment is an essential - you will need to take a helmet (that complies with industry safety standards), gloves, cycling shorts for comfort and a good pair of proper cycling shoes with to use with either clips or clipless peddles. Other safety equipment can be used, and should be used if your doing more extreme riding - full face helmet, shin and knee guards and even body armour.

Remember that you should never ride alone, always tell people where you are going, and if possible, take a mobile phone with you in case you get into difficulties. You should know some basic cycle maintenance as well, how to change an inner tube, gear and brake alignment


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